Our story

HQFarms embarked on its journey into medicinal cannabis cultivation in Oregon back in 2010. Operating as a permitted grow collective, we were deeply committed to addressing the diverse medical needs of our patients, with cannabis emerging as the most effective solution. Our dedication led us to provide complimentary, premium-grade cannabis to the numerous patients we served over the years.

By 2015, HQFarms transitioned into a vendor for numerous medical dispensaries across Oregon, expanding our reach and capabilities under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. This evolution enabled us to scale our operations while maintaining our commitment to providing affordable medication to collectives, alongside continuing our philanthropic efforts of supplying free medicine to patients in dire need.

In early 2017, HQFarms obtained licensure as a state-sanctioned recreational cannabis producer, marking a pivotal milestone in our journey. Despite our roots in serving medical collectives, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence within the recreational cannabis market.

Operating as a small-scale, craft-oriented cannabis producer, our team of two dedicated owner-operators tirelessly operates our indoor cultivation facility in Boring, Oregon. Our relentless dedication revolves around cultivating, researching, breeding, and delivering only the most superior-grade cannabis products to dispensaries across the state. Though modest in size, our team boasts multiple decades of collective experience in cultivating top-tier cannabis flower. Following rigorous testing and cultivation processes, we meticulously curate an elite selection of rare genetics for our recreational farm, totaling several dozen in-house rotating varieties. Our cultivation practices prioritize organic integrated pest management solutions, eschewing heavy metal nutrients and pesticides entirely, ensuring consumers can confidently choose HQFarms, knowing our unwavering commitment to quality aligns with their own discerning standards.

In our constant commitment to consumer safety, each new batch of our products undergoes comprehensive testing for potency, moisture & water content, pesticides, mycotoxins, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and terpene profiles. Our paramount objective remains to offer the highest caliber cannabis products to the discerning residents of Oregon, reflecting our dedication to quality and integrity in every aspect of our operation.