HQ DogWalker OG

THC 32.1% | CBD .48%

Dogwalker OG is a balanced hybrid bred by combining Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91. With a complex profile of skunky aromas, Dogwalker OG delivers a strong cerebral calm that radiates throughout the body. The sativa side of Dogwalker OG promotes focus, while its indica counterpart induces deep relaxation. This THC-rich hybrid can be used for a variety of issues, particularly pain, mood disorders, and appetite loss.

HQ WhiteGlue

THC 31.3% | CBD .82%

White Gorilla combines the resinous production of Gorilla Glue #4 with the aromatic bouquet and stress relief of White Fire Alien OG. The outstanding pair sits nearly on the hybrid line, making a 55/45 indica-dominant cross that soothes as it uplifts. This unique cross offers bountiful medicial properties as well as an uplifting high to get you through the day.

HQ Goji-OG

THC 28.3%

Goji OG is an exotic sativa-dominant pheno bred by Bodhi Seeds. This rare strain crosses the two genetics of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. The flavor is as unique as the berry it's named after, offering a dynamic aroma including red cherry, strawberry, hawaiian punch, and licorice.